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Clermont M.S. Music Leadership Academy

Leadership is a strong component of the music department at Clermont Middle School. Students are given a real voice and genuine opportunity to affect change and lead ensembles. Weekly leadership training exercises and meetings are held every Wednesday morning from 8:20 to 9:10 AM where leadership students study concepts and engage in activities to better prepare them to fulfill their individual job responsibilities and become better citizens. Many of our leadership students go on to hold high-ranking leadership positions at our three high schools in the band, choral and ROTC programs.

Band Leadership Team

ar_ltcolDrum MajorAlison Sunseri8
ar_majorAssistant Drum MajorJulia Heard7
ar_captainCaptainRyan Hinson8
ar_1stlt1st LieutenantJulia Krieger8
ar_2ndlt2nd Lieutenant of LogisticsLuke Anderson8
ar_2ndlt2nd Lieutenant of Wind EnsembleN/A
ar_2ndlt2nd Lieutenant of Symphonic BandKatherine Reyes-Wong8
ar_2ndlt2nd Lieutenant of Beginning BandJasmine Landaberde8
ar_2ndlt2nd Lieutenant of Beginning BandLileas Lee8
ar_ssg_e6Staff Sergeant of FlutesLindsey Mayor7
ar_ssg_e6Staff Sergeant of Double ReedsJulia Heard7
ar_ssg_e6Staff Sergeant of ClarinetsSaray Caraballo-Rivera8
ar_ssg_e6Staff Sergeant of SaxophonesSerena Etkins7
ar_ssg_e6Staff Sergeant of Low WoodwindsBrandon Soto8
ar_ssg_e6Staff Sergeant of TrumpetsAvery Lackey8
ar_ssg_e6Staff Sergeant of HornsLileas Lee8
ar_ssg_e6Staff Sergeant of TrombonesJack Spackman8
ar_ssg_e6Staff Sergeant of BaritonesAdam Dashtaki8
ar_ssg_e6Staff Sergeant of BassesDuncan Masson7
ar_ssg_e6Staff Sergeant of PercussionCamron Engelbert8
ar_sgt_e5QuartermasterKatherine Dashtaki8
ar_sgt_e5Library SergeantAutumn Kepfer8
ar_cpl_e4Library CorporalJacob Clem7
ar_cpl_e4Library CorporalTBA7
ar_cpl_e4Historian CorporalJade Rodriguez8
ar_cpl_e4ChaplainDarius Georges7

Chorus Leadership Team

PresidentJade Rodriguez8
Vice President / MusicAlison Sunseri8
Vice President / LogisticsStephanie Prodanovich8
SecretaryCassandra Russell8
TreasurerNatalie Murillo8
Soprano I Section LeaderRebecca Periera8
Soprano II Section LeaderEmilee Sheppard8
Soprano II Section LeaderKaley Brooks7
Alto Section LeaderNina Lee7
Alto Section LeaderAbigail Modeste8
Baritone Section LeaderAlex Arias8
Head LibrarianNafisah Azar8
LibrarianJacob Cortes7
LibrarianNatalia Camiolo7
Historian / Social SecretaryLillian Kimmel7

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