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Charms Office Assistant serves as our primary organizational tool. It is a cloud-based database system that tracks our students, their finances, the calendar, events, volunteering, fundraising, instruments, lockers, communications, online playing tests, and much more. Each student will have their own account and web access for real time information, 24 hours a day.

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Remind is a free communications platform built for teachers. It enables teachers to safely and efficiently interact with students and parents about important information relating to the classroom and school activities. Remind is safe and easy because teachers can engage students and parents without needing to upload cell phone numbers and without having to give their personal phone numbers out.

It is encouraged that all students and parents join this service. It is customized by the ensembles and activities the students participate in. You will only receive the messages that are pertinent to your child’s involvement with the music program. Students and parents can NOT reply to the Director’s messages at this number. It is only a one-way information system.

Parents are asked NOT to sign up for ensemble texts and students are asked NOT to sign up for parent association texts. This will enable the Director to communicate with EXACTLY whom the messages are designed for. Messages that are designed for multiple groups can be sent that way.

To join, simply text one of the codes below to this phone number: 81010

When texting a code, you MUST use the @ in front of the code or it will not work. Students and parents can also text the word HELP to get more information and the word STOP to cancel out of the classes you have signed up for.


       ENSEMBLE/ORGANIZATION                      REMIND CODE
Symphonic Band @clmssb
Beginning Band @clmsbb
Jazz Ensemble @clmsjazz
Falcon Singers @clmschorus
Percussion / Drum Line @clmsdrums
Tri-M Music Honor Society @clmstri-m
Band Leadership Team @clmslt
Band & Chorus Alumni @clmsbcalum


       PARENT ORGANIZATION                      REMIND CODE
Band Parent Association @clmsbpa
Chorus Parent Association @clmscpa
Jazz Band Parents @clmsjazzbp
Trip Chaperones (for trips only) @clmstrip


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